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Learning Outcomes

Penn State students are required to achieve General Educational Learning Outcomes as well as Cocurricular Learning Outcomes. First year students have a set of First Yearn Learning Outcomes for the first year too. EDGE courses and certificates are available by clicking the Workshops and Certificates tab above will help students achieve several of these outcomes. Click the links below to learn more about each set of learning outcomes.

General Education Learning Outcomes

General education encompasses the breadth of knowledge involving the major intellectual and aesthetic skills and achievements of humanity. This must include understanding and appreciation of the pluralistic nature of knowledge epitomized by the natural sciences, quantitative skills, social and behavioral sciences, humanities, and arts. Read more...

Cocurricular Learning Outcomes

The Penn State Coordinating Committee on University Assessment has been charged with developing a university-wide assessment plan that prioritizes the University needs. The committee is comprised of four task teams who are examining the following spheres of assessment: course, program, General Education, and cocurricular. The Cocurricular Task Team has begun their efforts by defining the "cocurriculum" and drafting learning outcomes. Read more...

First Year Learning Outcomes and Competencies

In November 2003, Academic Affairs and Student Affairs formed a joint committee to examine students' experiences during their first year at Penn State. This became known as the First Year Experience steering committee. In order to improve students' success by increasing students' academic and social integration into the university, it was necessary to define the intended outcomes of the first year. These outcomes and competencies were developed through use of the literature on the first year experience and Penn State documents such as the Penn State Principles and the Strategic Plan. Read more...

Student Affairs Unit Learning Outcomes

Each educational programming unit in Student Affairs is developing a set of learning outcomes that are mapped to broader Penn State learning outcomes. These outcome statements will be used to shape programs and workshops offered by each unit and will serve as the basis for learning assessments. Read more...

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