In completing the Multicultural Competency Certificate, students will consider areas of diversity, social justice, and multiculturalism on a personal, professional, societal, and world level. Students will be asked to explore the basics of multicultural competence, impediments to inclusion including such issues as privilege and power, various communities and populations including international cultures, and critical issues regarding sexual orientation, ability, racial, socio-economic, and gender related topics.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this certificate, students will::

  1. Possess multicultural awareness and knowledge demonstrated through the ability to:
    • Articulate knowledge of various human diversity related issues including social, cultural, and gender related topics.
    • Recognize individual and cultural differences
    • Understand the basic tenets of the concepts of power, privilege, prejudice, and stereotypes.
  2. Demonstrate a range of skills necessary to function in an increasingly global society. This includes the ability to:
    • Make informed critical assessments of campus based, national, and global issues particularly as it relates to critically understanding social structures and their impact on various communities.
    • Interpret world issues across cultural perspectives and viewpoints.
    • Demonstrate open, empathetic, and inclusive thinking and action.
    • Espouse and exhibit respect for diversity.
  3. Demonstrate a commitment to social justice:
    • Students demonstrate an introductory understanding of the deep and broad systemic structures that drive many social issues.
    • Students are able to identify the various social justice stances available to them and are able to articulate their personal orientation as an ally, advocate, or agent.


Introduction to Multicultural Competency Certificate required workshop overviewing entire certificate
Introduction to Multicultural Competency required face-to-face workshop

Introduction to Power & Privilege required online workshop + followup experiences
Stereotypes, Prejudice & Discrimination required online workshop + followup experiences
Introduction to the Isms required online workshop + followup experiences

ELECTIVES Students will attend campus presentations, programs, workshops, and speakers from at least 4 of the following sections:
  • International Cultures
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Ability
  • Ethnicity, Culture & Race
  • Class & Society
  • Spirituality
  • Gender difference
  • Careers & Society

Introduction to Social Justice required online workshop
Independent Study capstone project required for certificate completion